How To Wash Hair With Quaker Oats

There are times when one feels the need to wash his hair, but there is no water or no shampoo available. If he knows how to wash hair with Quaker oats, a man can still get his locks clean and looking fresh. The technique is really fairly simple.

Image of Quaker Oats to wash hair.

The amount of oats that will be needed is based directly on the length of the strands. Most men can use as little as a cup of oats to get their hairs really clean and fresh. All that must be done is to rub the oats into the strands thoroughly and work it with the fingers for a couple of minutes.

The oats will fairly quickly be able to absorb the excess sebum, natural oil that has accumulated. No water or soap is needed. After the hair has had a few minutes for the oats to work, one simply brushes the hair thoroughly to remove the oatmeal. The excess oil and much of the dirt that has accumulated will be brushed away leaving the hair looking and smelling clean.

This technique works well for those individuals who are in a hurry too. If one needs to get his hair clean but does not have time to shower and shampoo, application of oatmeal will work to provide a fresher look and reduce the appearance of oil until one can shampoo.

Most hair stylists recommend that one only shampoo two to three times a week. Knowing how to wash hair with Quaker oats can help to keep the hair looking clean between shampoos as well. It can be used when camping out with no access to shampoo, between shampoos, and when there is just not time in one’s busy schedule to shampoo but there is a need to freshen up the look of one’s hair.

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