The Truth About Dry Shampoo

In today’s world men often use as many different products on their hair as women. Additionally, most men are more vain about their appearance than women especially their hair. Keeping all of this in mind, it is important to remember that the average man has a very busy schedule that sometimes doesn’t leave enough time for regular shampooing of the hair.

One product that can help is known as dry shampoo. This product has been around since the 1970s. It has been used extensively for patients in hospitals and by people who are on the go constantly. But how does it work?

In essence, this product is a powder that is applied to dry hair, allowed to sit for a minute, then simply combed or brushed out of the hair. The powder absorbs excess sebum, the natural oil that occurs in the hair, and takes the oil and whatever dirt may be stuck in the oil with it when it is brushed away.

However, one noticeable drawback is the tendency to leave a slight white residue. Today, men can find several different brands and formulas of dry shampoo. Prices range from 10 to 30 USD. If a man is truly interested in saving money, he can get much of the same benefit by simply going to the supermarket and buying a box of corn starch.

While the cornstarch is much less expensive than the actual dry shampoo, most of the product formulas created today include nutrients and other ingredients that are designed to promote healthy hair and to allow one to style the hair in the manner he desires once the powder is removed.

Of course it must be understood that this is simply a method of cleaning the hair and refreshing the appearance in between regular shampooings and does not take the place of regular shampooing.

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