Tom Sturridge Hairstyles

If you would like hair that requires little work, you might wish to check into Tom Sturridge hairstyles. You will find something that looks pretty good and it is not hard to duplicate.

Picture of Tom Sturridge bead head hairstyle.
Tom Sturridge bead-head hairstyle.

You can describe this hairdo as the “bed head”. There are reasons to believe this, as it has some striking similarities. However, it also features subtle differences and this is why it is somewhat unique.

Picture of Tom Sturridge hairstyle.
Tom Sturridge hairstyle.

To achieve hair like the “Being Julia” actor, let it grow out if it is short. Maybe you are not fond of bangs, then you are pretty much out of luck. Some of his hairdos have bangs that simply fall forward, yet others are off to one side.

This type of hairdo works best with straight hair. If your hair is naturally curly you will need to use some kind of relaxing product. You may wish to buy a shampoo and conditioner for more body and even volumizing hairspray. This will give you that “poofy” look.

Use a tiny bit of hair wax. Rub a small amount in right after you shampoo and blow-dry. Comb with a wide tooth comb and use the comb sparingly. You are going for a “nonchalant or uncaring” look.

Photo of Tom Sturridge hair with bangs covered one eye.
Tom Sturridge bead-head hair with bangs covered one eye.

Make sure that your hair part is crooked and comb down the bangs. You may have the bangs cover one eye if you wish. However, some of these styles utilize bangs that swirl from the side of the head. Then, finish the style with hairspray.

If you would like a windswept appearance like Tom Sturridge hairstyles, keep your hair fairly long. You can comb this hairdo with your fingers and it will look fine. Be sparing with hair care products like wax, hairspray, or gel. In fact, the less you do the better you may look.

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