How To Use Volumizing Hair Spray

Perhaps you would like to turn that sparse looking material on your head into a magnificent mane. You will need to provide more volume, or at least make it appear that there is more volume. There are many ways that a man can do this and here are tips on how to use volumizing hair spray to maximize your appearance.


The Purpose of Volumizing Hairspray

Volumizing hairspray is made for people with fine or thinning hair. It contains ingredients that will help your hair look and feel thicker.

How to Apply It

The first step for more volume is to use a shampoo and conditioner that is designed to volumize. Try not to shampoo right before you get ready. You will have more volume if it has been a few hours after shampooing.

It is important to choose a product that is designed for your type of hair or hairstyle. For instance, African Americans will need to use something different than Caucasians. You may need to do a little research before you buy. This will give you the best chances for success.

When choosing hairspray, opt for quality products. Look for sprays that have vitamins and minerals that help to soften and thicken. This can help to add extra volume.

Some men like to apply a good volumizing mousse first. Dampen your hairstyle with water and use a spray pump bottle for this procedure. Start with a small amount of mousse and gradually work it in with your hands. If you are not sure how much mousse to use, remember that less is better. You can always add more, but it is hard to subtract when it comes to mousse.

You should blow dry for a few minutes to remove all excess moisture. Use a good round brush and gently lift the hairs as you dry. This will help lend more volume to the roots. Make sure you get the style that you want. Off course you can make a change right after you sprayed your hair.

Read all the instructions on your can of hairspray and make sure that it is well shaken. Test spray a small amount into the air to make sure that the nozzle is not clogged. A clogged nozzle can cause the hairspray to come out in globs, and you want it to deliver a fine mist.

It is best to have your head upside down when you apply the hairspray. This will make it easier to apply on the roots. Make sure to protect your eyes by keeping them closed while spraying. Keep the can about one foot or so from your head, to maintain a good mist.

After you apply the hairspray underneath, comb your hair into place and lightly go over it with the hairspray.

The above tips should help you have thicker looking hair. However, if you are inexperienced, get a personal or professional help for the best possible results. One of the best ways to get volumized hair is to talk to a professional.

A good hairstylist uses products like hairspray all the time. He or she can provide you with some excellent instructions, and some good suggestions on which products are best to use on your hair type.

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