Thomas Dekker Hairstyle

Thomas Dekker is an American film and television actor. He plays John Connor in new American science fiction television series, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (premiered on January 13, 2008).
His layered hairstyle is suitable for men with naturally straight hair type. The haircut can be achieved by cutting the hair to desired length, then soften the edges of the cuts using razor. It is easy to maintain with regular trim and also to achieve this style.

Apply some wax to your fingertips, direct the hair down as desired with your fingers, brush the back straight down close to the nape, and spray a small amount of hairspray to keep hair in a certain style.

18 thoughts on “Thomas Dekker Hairstyle”

  1. I bet he spends ages in the bathroom grooming. I shared a house with a bloke who would do the same. we all got well peeved with his vanity. In the end someone put a bucket outside the bathroom door and demanded he empty it! He wouldn’t of course, especially when someone shat in it.

  2. I got the same hair but mines more poofy then flat it pisses me off got any tips if the longer doesnt dusent start workin imma get a mohawk =P

  3. This is a great haircut. It really helps to lengthen his face – remember when he was in House, as that scary teenage faith healer, and he had short hair – it made his face look a lot rounder. This is MUCH better.

    He really is an uncommonly beautiful man.


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