The Vincent Cassel Short Curly Hairstyle


Vincent Cassel is a French actor well-known for his acting in movie Ocean’s Twelve. He has beautiful short curly hairstyle. Women love him for his hair. The Vincent Cassel hairstyle is a great option for all those men who are growing out their hair, but do not know what to do with those extra inches.

This hairstyle works best if you have thick curly hair and is not suitable for men with thin or fine straight hair.

How to get hairstyle like him? To get it, you need a small amount of hair product or mousse and a fine wide-toothed comb. Because dry hair tend to be dry, choose a product which has natural oil ingredients, such as olive oil and coconut oil.

Work a dollop of mousse on your wet hair. To encourage your hair to stand up on your hair, use your hands or a fine wide-toothed comb with a blow–dryer on a low setting. Once your hair is set, slick the sides of your back using a comb or brush. Comb your hair smoothly to avoid breakage.

If your hair is very thick and coarse, you can divide your hair into few sections, then comb them section by section. Optionally, you can use a hairspray sparingly over your head to keep the hairstyle intact for an extended period of time. Stay stylish, get the Vincent Cassel hairdo today.

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