How To Straighten Hair Without A Relaxer

When you want to find out how to straighten hair without a relaxer, there will be many options available to accomplish the task. Getting a style that will accommodate the straighter look will be helpful. The style can make a huge difference in the amount of effort that must go in to achieving the straight, healthy look you want.

There are natural products available on the market. Each product has its benefits. In most cases, the methods that are used for straightening include conditioning and being careful not to burn the hair when heat is used.

One of the easiest ways to achieve a straighter look is to use a blow dryer on high heat that has a comb attachment. Applying a leave in conditioning gel prior to using the dryer will assure that you do not get split ends or damage from the heat. This method will usually not be as effective in a humid or wet climate where you may find that frizzing can be an issue.

Leave in conditioning gel is also used when a curling iron with a large want, or flat iron is used. These methods will give a smooth look and feel to the style. Conditioning is very important when you use any type of straightening method or technique on a regular basis. The heat that is required for straightening can easily burn the ends and roots of the hair.

Many people who want to get straightness with body and volume use large rollers, then sit under a hooded dryer for 15 – 30 minutes. This method also requires the application of leave in conditioner to prevent drying and breaking of follicles and ends.

This type of straightening will not give the style a completely smooth and straight look, but is often the choice for individuals who like some volume and body in their style.

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