Stacee Jaxx 80s Rock Hairstyle

Photo of Stacee Jaxx hairstyle.
Stacee Jaxx hairstyle.

Stacee Jaxx is a movie character set in the Broadway musical turned into a movie with Tom Cruise in the title role. The concept enjoyed some success because of the 80s era songs. Generally, critics are not impressed with the adaptation of the Broadway hit, although Cruse does breathe some life into the part. The Stacee Jaxx hairstyle is typical of those aging rock stars of this era.

Picture of Stacee Jaxx long hairstyle.
Stacee Jaxx long hairstyle.

The 70s and 80s were a time of long hair for men and the character wears his at shoulder length in the back with somewhat shorter bangs. The style doesn’t have much height, probably because the active moves would not survive a high action song. The character performs bare chested with leather wrist armor, so the focus is on the movement of his hair.

The style is not one that most men today would want to emulate. It is almost a caricature of a 80s performer. Some of the songs of this era were incorporated into the script, making it a bit of a nostalgia piece. After all, the 80s were not that long ago.

Image of Stacee Jaxx hairstyle with head band.
Stacee Jaxx hairstyle with head band.

Obviously, the length of his tresses which reach to below the shoulders in back require some management. The use of a head band was typical both for keeping hair off the forehead during performances and for dealing with perspiration. The more outrageous costumes sported by the actor during the film are expected of his character.

You’ll be able to see the Stacee Jaxx hairstyle in the movie Rock of Ages. It does show that Cruse is not afraid to take on some different roles including as a singer of rock songs. Previously he was noted for action films. Although in one sense he is not the one who gets the girl, he is still the best thing about the movie.

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