How to Spike Hair Using Gelatin

You can easily create stylish spiked hair using the usual hair gel or clay, but there is also a cheaper alternative, especially if you want to use something that is less likely to dry out your hair.

Believe it or not, gelatin is a good substitute for hair gel since it is the base for commercial hair gels that are sold in the market.

spiky hair using gel

Using it you can create hair spikes in different colors if you use the product in the different colors that it comes in. The best part is that there is no special procedure in mixing the gelatin. You simply mix it according to the directions in the box and you are ready to use it on your hair.

Prepare the hair by washing and applying conditioner. The hair should be a little bit damp but not dripping when you apply the gelatin.

Mix it with a cup of water or prepare the mix according to the directions in the package. You can squeeze the solution inside an empty shampoo bottle or sprayer for easier application.

To apply the gelatin on the hair, you can flip your head down so your hair falls down towards the floor. Start the application from the root to the tip and shape the hair into spikes by separating sections of it in the middle, manipulating with your fingers so that each section is wide at the base and tapers off at the end.

Smooth out the gelatin to make it even and to avoid clumps of jelly later on. Use a blow dryer on low heat to set the hair.


Watch the tutorial:


Gelatin is a great alternative to hair gel or styling clays. If you just ran out of gel you can head out to the kitchen and grab a box of gelatin, and it will give you the same results.