Side Effects Of Hair Transplants

Hair transplantation is becoming a more commonly used solution to the problem of male pattern baldness. In these procedures, a narrow strip of the scalp is removed from the back of the head and the healthy hair follicles are implanted in the area of thinning. Many have been very happy with the results achieved, but admit they wish they had had more information available about the side effects of hair transplants.


One of the first side effects that many notice is that the newly transplanted hair and some of the surrounding hair fall out after a few days. This can lead to disappointment and a sense of failure. However, this is a perfectly normal occurrence known as “shock loss”. The transplanted follicles have undergone a serious shock and must correct themselves. The hair lost in this manner will grow back normally after a few weeks.


Swelling of the scalp at both the site of removal of donor follicles and at the area that receives the transplanted follicles is common. This is a side effect of the medications that are used to deaden the scalp for the procedure. It can become painful. If this happens, a doctor can prescribe anti-inflammatories and pain medications to ease the symptoms.


Many develop a nearly intolerable itch at the sites of the implanted follicles. This is actually a good sign because it means that scabs are forming and healing has begun. However, the itch should never be scratched. These scabs are keeping bacteria and dirt out of areas that are very sensitive following the procedure. Scratching can lead to serious infections that may cause the transplants to fail.


Even if all precautions are taken and the person does not scratch his scalp following the procedure, it is very possible to develop an infection. Fortunately, this can be corrected before it goes too far by seeing the doctor and getting a prescription for antibiotics. The worst mistake many make is thinking that their body will fight off the infection. While this might be true, it might negate any benefit he would have gotten from the transplants.

The side effects of hair transplants are normally minor. However, this is a surgical procedure with its own risks of side effects and complications. Therefore, one should develop a relationship of trust with the doctor who will be performing the procedure. If there are any doubts about the efficacy of the procedure, it might be wise to seek another healthcare professional’s opinion.


How to Stop Hair Loss at the Root of the Problem Without Transplantation

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