Shane West Spiky Wavy Hairstyle

Shane West is a musician, songwriter, and of course actor best known for his roles in “Once and Again” “A Walk to Remember” “What We Do is Secret”, and ER from television. At present, he plays Michael in the series “Nikita”. The Shane West hairstyle is simple and short.

Photo of Shane West hairstyle.
Shane West hairstyle.

Even though the length of his hair is short on the back and the sides, the top is left a little longer so that the waves can be shaped and arranged. The style is not complicated and can be styled in a few minutes. As is expected, styling product is not extensively used.

Photo of Shane West spiky wavy hairstyle.
Shane West spiky wavy hair.

Photo of Shane West spiky hairstyle.
Shane West spiky hairstyle.

The style is casual and is appropriate for men of all ages from adolescent to senior citizen. If the hair elasticity is wavy naturally, this is a style that will age well. It look equally good on a teen and a mature businessman. The hair texture can be fine or medium, so long as there is a natural tendency that can be worked with. Frequent trims are required.

The styling process of the Shane West hairstyle begins by applying a small amount of gel to the mid-length and working it downward on the sides and the back. When it is time to style the top hair, you may want to use more gel and use your fingertips to lift and pinch the styling product through the strands to enhance natural waviness of your spike.

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