How To Achieve Popular Sean Faris Hairstyles

Celebrity heartthrob Sean Faris has certainly created a Hollywood buzz with his chiseled good looks and large following. The former model optimizes the casual yet masculine appeal for men. The Sean Faris hairstyles are characterized by a short, neat, and trendy look which is suited to most face shapes and hair types.

Photo of Sean Faris hairstyle.
Sean Faris hairstyle.

The American actor has recently sported a hairstyle offering a contemporary appeal and includes a short trim all over for a neat option. For men with shorter and straighter hair, the spiked alternative is relatively popular. This includes keeping the sides and back shorter with length on the top.

Picture of Sean Faris short hairstyle.
Sean Faris short hairstyle.

The young star has also opted for locks trimmed close to the head. The sides and back are styled to blend into the top which has a jagged appearance. Styling requires the use of wax, gel, or molding paste and can be achieved within ten minutes.

In order to maintain the short style simply cut the hair every four to six weeks in order to keep the desired length. This trendy look characterizes the smart yet casual appeal. Always use high quality products most suited to hair type when creating a particular style.

Styling tips include adding a gel or molding cream to the fingertips and then running it through the ends of your strands for a textured appeal. Flatten stray hairs on the sides and back of the head by applying the holding products to the roots while dragging through and pulling the hair behind the ear.

For the top of the head, lift smaller clumps of hair in an upward motion while pinching in different directions for a bed-head look. It is best to use small amounts of styling products to prevent loss of body.

The Sean Faris hairstyles are most suited to short and straight locks for men with a round, oval, triangular, and heart shaped face. It is best for fine to medium-textured tresses and is defined as portraying a casual, cool, and neat appeal.