Scalp Care For Bald Men

Photo of Howie Mandel bald head.
Howie Mandel’s bald head.

Most men do not give their scalp a second thought unless they have dandruff. However, for those with little to no hair, the head requires some basic care. There are some steps that men need to take when concerned with scalp care for bald men.

Baldness can be from natural causes such as androgenic alopecia or a deliberate choice brought about with the use of a razor. Either way, the skin is exposed to irritants that hair protected it from. A bald pate is especially susceptible to sun and wind burn as well as allergens and airborne chemicals. These can lead to serious problems if not attended to properly.

  • Cleanliness. One of the first considerations is cleanliness. When one had hair, he generally cleaned the skin thoroughly when shampooing. Now that the hair is gone, it is important to remember to keep the head clean. This will help to prevent the buildup of oil that can clog pores and lead to an outbreak of acne. If the skin seems too dry, one should also use a moisturizer or lotion to seal in moisture.
  • Acne. Acne can be a serious problem for the newly bald. Shaving in the wrong direction and/or not washing every day can cause the follicles and pores to become clogged. When one notices pimples on the skin, he should apply a good quality over-the-counter acne medication and make it a routine to exfoliate the head at regular intervals.
  • Allergy. The bare pate is more susceptible to allergens than it was with hair. Some soaps and/or shampoos may contain ingredients that trigger an allergic reaction. It is a good idea to keep some cortisone cream on hand in the event a rash appears. Make a note of what could possibly have caused the problem and avoid repeated contact, even if this means getting rid of a favorite hat.
  • Shaving mistake. Shaving can be one of the biggest problem sources for the bald individual. One of the mistakes men commonly make is trying to shave against the direction of hair growth. This can cause pores to become clogged and follicles as well. Razor burn is a common irritation that can develop if the skin is not properly prepared. It is important to wet the head with hot water and lather completely before beginning to shave. Afterward, one should use a moisturizing aftershave lotion.
  • Sun. The most common source of problems for bald men’s scalps is the sun. The scalp never received direct sunlight when it was covered by hair. This makes it especially susceptible to the sun’s damaging rays. A severe sunburn can happen in just a short time if one does not protect the scalp by wearing a hat or applying sunscreen regularly.
  • Consult Dermatologist. In addition to the risk of sunburn, the scalp is more susceptible to developing skin cancer than other body parts. Therefore, it is important to schedule yearly visits with a dermatologist to examine the scalp of any changes that might signal the beginning of skin cancer.

Many men look great without hair. This is why baldness is often a choice rather than unavoidable. However, a few steps must be taken to provide scalp care for bald men in order to assure that they are comfortable and avoid skin problems in this sensitive area.

Keeping the scalp clean, avoiding acne outbreaks and allergens, moisturizing the skin daily, and avoiding exposure to excessive sunlight by wearing a hat, applying sunscreen, or both will help to avoid premature aging of the skin and head off other problems. Following these simple steps will assure that one looks his best without hair while protecting a sensitive part of the skin.

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