Pierre Curie With A Flattop Hairstyle & A Beard

Image of Pierre Currie hairstyle.
Pierre Currie hairstyle.

Perhaps you like the “Pierre Curie with a flattop hairstyle & a beard” look. Many men look good in a flattop haircut and the right facial hair.

The flat on top haircut goes back many years. In fact, it sees a great deal of popularity in the 1950s. It is becoming popular again but it can require a lot of upkeep. You may need to see the barber or stylist every two weeks or so, to keep the look just right.

This kind of haircut can be done by a friend or family member if they have reasonable skill at cutting hair. You need electric clippers and a special flat top comb. Get one that has a built in level to make the job easier. I’ve wrote the tips on how to make this kind of cut. This will give one a good idea of what to do.

If you do not mind visiting the barber or hairstylist a couple of times per month, this is an excellent way to get and maintain your look. Professionals do excellent work and they can also shape and trim facial hair to your liking. Once your whiskers are shaped by a professional, they will be easy to maintain.

Mr Curie’s facial hair is a full beard but the neck is trimmed. The cheek hair is trimmed down to meet the mustache. This is a popular look for facial hair. It also provides a neat and trim appearance.

Pierre Curie hairstyle & beard style is a good way to have a well groomed appearance. It will need to be trimmed often. However, there is very little to do when you get ready for that big date or evening out with friends.

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