Nick Wooster Gray Pompadour Hair

As a fashion authority, the look that is achieved by the Nick Wooster pompadour hairstyle is being touted as a look to try in men’s fashions this season. He is the Men’s Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus Group Services. There is no doubt but that his sartorial elegance is something to be emulated. Now, men can also enjoy the slicked back under and over cut is an edgy look.

Photo of Nick Wooster hairstyle.
Nick Wooster hairstyle. Image via The Dope Fox.

The fashion sense exhibited by the man doesn’t rely on trying to look younger than his years. His locks are gray and appears to be thinning just a little on top. The look is balanced by facial growth that is neatly trimmed. Both a beard and mustache are present, but are not lengthy.

Nick’s longer hairs are combed straight back and are limited to the top of his head. It is a classic pompadour, although not an extremely high one. It doesn’t come as far out over the forehead as some of the similar styles, but it balances the facial growth.

Photo of Nick Wooster pompadour hair.
Nick Wooster pompadour hair with short sides and back. Image via Instagram.

His hairs are clipped closely on the sides and back of his head. The name of the style comes from the appearance that the side hairs fits under the cover of the top design. The style would be appropriate for any adult man who wants to look well groomed, but is not willing to settle for just any style.

The Nick Wooster hair style is one that is easy to create and maintain. Regular clips to keep the beard and side hair at an optimal length is required. In order to manage the top strands, a styling gel that is not greasy or shiny is required. The look must be controlled, not floppy. It must avoid the other extreme of being stiff and unmoving.

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