Niall Horan Hairstyle

Niall Horan is an 27 year old Irish singer and musician. He is one of the founding members of the Irish boy band, One Direction. The band was formed to compete on the British X Factor produced by Simon Cowell. After finishing in the top three in 2024, the band signed with Cowell’s record label. Since beginning, there has really only been one Niall Horan hairstyle.

Unlike the band’s name, the performer’s hair does not go in one direction. He keeps it cut short on sides and in back. The top is longer with a distinct part on the left side that allows him to brush the top hair over. However, the right side of the top is brought straight forward, creating a bit of a clash on the upper right side of his head.

Photo of Niall Horan messy blond hairstyle.
Niall Horan messy blond hairstyle.

He then takes a generous amount of pomade and runs it through the hair using his fingers with the help of blow dryer to produce a messy look. The underneath hair is dark in color while the ends are bleached and blond highlights blend into the rest of it.

Photo of Niall Horan hairstyle with razored ends.
Niall Horan hairstyle with razored ends.

In addition to the unique styling method he uses, the hair has been cut with a razor to provide extra texture in front and on top. This is not a style one wants to attempt to replicate at home. It would be best to see a professional in order to get one’s hair styled in this way.

The Niall Horan hairstyle is among the more unique among celebrities today. It is simple and conservative in some ways. However, it features enough wildness to allow him to project an image as a “bad boy” when he chooses. Maintenance is not terribly difficult, but it takes a professional touch to create this look.

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  1. Hey! I wanted to ask that if I have dark brown hair and I would like to make the Niall Horan hairstyle, also colour (the first or second pic) how sohuld I do it? should it be made in stages? getting it lighter and lighter and so on? should i also dye my eyebrows?
    Maybe I could send you a picture of me, so you’ll see it more clearly.
    thank you!

  2. Hi guys my hairstyle is not that hard to-do once you get used to it. it was hard the 1st 2 times i did it but then i got used to it and people think im blond headed im noot im dark i have just had it bleached and highlighted

    rember by the takem me home album
    by 1D


    • My hair is naturally dark under neath and seriously blonde on top with really light highlights, i just have to try it out cuz i really want my hair to look like pic 1 but idk exactly what you have to do, like haircut wise.

  3. niall, your hair has to be washed like 10 times so it can go the way it needs! I love it so much your hair is so perfect, it’s the best hair in the world it is the most cutist hair ever! I <3 your music so much and tell zayn i say hi!

    I love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much


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