Natural Hair Restoration For Men

Hair loss, or balding, is a problem faced by well over half the male population of the world. While there are medical treatment options available, including drugs and surgical transplants, many prefer to seek out method of natural hair restoration for men. Fortunately, there are several options available that do not require one to see a doctor or use any type of medications.

One of the first line methods of restoring natural hair growth is making changes in one’s diet. There are several vitamins and minerals that have been linked to healthy hair growth and limiting of the production of DHT, the hormone that is known to cause male pattern baldness. All of these nutrients can be found in sufficient quantities in the foods we should be eating.

Green, leafy vegetables are the primary sources of these nutrients. Fish rich in Omega 3 fatty acids are also important additions to the diet, as these fats help promote the growth of hair. Eggs and nuts are also good sources of these fats.

There are many different herbs that have been linked to the growth of hair. These work in different manners, but their effectiveness has been shown. Ginkgo Biloba is a Chinese herb that helps to increase blood circulation.

This helps to bring nutrients to the follicles and stimulates hair regrowth. Saw Palmetto and Ginseng have both been shown to promote new hair growth as well. In addition, the Ginseng makes the hair shafts thicker and stronger, making it appear that one has more hair than he actually has.

One can also introduce vitamins and minerals in the form of dietary supplements. All of the B-complex vitamins are important to promoting health follicles and hair growth. Some of these also block the formation of DHT and help one keep the hair he still has.

Several trace minerals, including magnesium, selenium, iron, and others are vital to the health of the follicles. Unhealthy follicles are unable to produce hair. It is a good idea for anyone to take a good multi-vitamin each day to ensure that the body’s requirements for these trace nutrients are met.

There are several substances that contribute to natural hair regrowth for men. Most of these can be obtained simply by improving one’s diet. Those that can not are available from dietary supplementation in most areas. Vitamins and minerals, as well as certain healthy fats, are able to promote hair growth as effectively as medications in many cases.

Besides the above options, there is a there is a simple method to naturally regrow lost hair. One of the reasons why you are losing your hair is because the blood supply that nourishes the roots has been cut-off. This means the hair has no way of developing and is literally dried out. 

Reestablishing the source of nourishment will promote hair growth. The methods in “Hair Again!” do not only deal with the symptoms but treat the root causes as well! By solving that you can expect your lost hair to come back within 2-5 weeks.

You will actually need to spend up to 5 minutes daily doing the treatment. It’s that SIMPLE! Without chemicals, pills, supplements or hair transplants. Download The Methods Here!

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