Kim Nekroman Psychobilly Hairstyle

If you want to have a Kim Nekroman hairstyle, you are not the only one. Kim is one of the many psychobilly rockers who does a fantastic job of looking the part. His hair is so popular among his fans, that it even has several of its own social networking pages.

Photo of Kim Nekroman hairstyle.
Kim Nekroman hairstyle.

If you’re familiar with the haircuts of artists such as Elvis Presley and Little Richard, you might already know what a pompadour is. However, these days rockers have taken it upon themselves to alter the look and make it their own. Kim’s hair is an excellent example of one of the unique ways some bands are using to express themselves.

Not only is the music important; appearance can play a big role in the likability of a band. When it comes to this genre of music, the more outrageous the styles, the better. Kim’s music is not the only thing that is there to excite his fans. His hair has also inspired many admirers to follow in his footsteps, especially when it comes to being creative with their hair.

Not everyone can pull off this look, but if you have a full of head of hair your chances of success are pretty high. That being said, it might be a good idea to visit a salon/barber in order to get the proper cut. Here, you are free to choose whether you just want your hair cut a certain way or have them style it as well.

To get the haircut, ask your stylist to shave the sides & back. But keep the top long & tapered from the temple to the front. To style it, put a small amount of hair mousse into the damp hair. Then, blow dry & comb the hair up. To make the hair stay in place, use a strong-hold hairspray.

Photo of Kim Nekroman psychobilly hairstyle.
Kim Nekroman psychobilly hairstyle.

When asked in an interview, the members of the band claimed that all they use in their hair is hairspray. Using an ample amount of hairspray and a hair dryer, it is possible to get your hair to stand up in any way you desire. All it takes is a strong product and some creativity and you could have a Kim Nekroman hairstyle in a matter of a couple of hours.

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