Kevin Zegers Hairstyle

With his piercing blue eyes and sexy hair, Kevin Zegers has no trouble getting women to swoon at the mere sight of him. His hair is partly what makes this guy so arresting especially if he sports his most swoon-worthy look, the one with the hair casually slicked back and styled down.

This style takes just few minutes to do and is perfect for guys with various face shapes. It can also work with a variety of hair textures, from fine to thick, from straight to wavy. While Zegers has straight locks, wavy and coarse hair done in this style also give off that casual sexy look that most men want.

Kevin Zeger hairdo
This look is very easy to style especially if you have hair that is naturally straight. Start with hair two inches long on sides, and much longer on the top. Use a pea sized amount of gel and run through the hair in a downward motion to maintain the straight, sleek texture.

Pull the ends down, doing this for the sides as well. Using a fine toothed comb, smooth the top back. If you have a wavy hair, you can use a wide tooth comb to detangle your hair and show off the wavy style. Use a tiny amount of gel, rub between your palms to emulsify and smooth over this part of the hair and comb smooth one more time.

Zegers usually prefers his hair smoothed back and flat but if you have a circular face, you can also create the illusion of a bit of height on the front by lifting the hair up with your fingers instead of smoothing back.

This style is perfect for guys who want to sport a little bit of length but want a hairstyle that is both casual and sleek. Long-ish hairstyles tend to give the wearer a hobo look when not maintained properly, so maintenance every few weeks to keep this length is useful if you want to sport this style.

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