Kevin-Prince Boateng Short Mohawk Hair Style

Kevin-Prince Boateng is a soccer player who was born in Germany March 6, 1987. He also holds citizenship in Ghana since 2010. His professional team is the Serie A team Milan. In addition, he plays for the Ghana National team.

While his soccer career has been marked by many impressive feats, the purpose here is to take a look at the Kevin-Prince Boateng short mohawk hair style.

Photo of Kevin-Prince Boateng mohawk hairstyle.
Kevin-Prince Boateng mohawk hairstyle.

Most men who choose to wear a Mohawk hairstyle tend to allow the strip of hairs left in the center of the head to grow out so that they can create Liberty spikes or make a fan out of it. Boateng has chosen to go a different route with his. It is so short that there is barely any hair left at all.

Image of soccer star Kevin-Prince Boateng short mohawk hair.
Kevin-Prince Boateng mohawk hair.

As with most Mohawks, the head is shaved everywhere except the strip left in the center. This strip is wide. It looks a good deal like a five o’clock shadow due to its shortness. One could also say that it looks like a stripe painted onto his scalp. It has the major advantage of keeping his vision completely clear.

Contrary to what some might believe, this is a very high maintenance hairstyle. He has to shave his head and trim the stripe on a regular basis to keep it this short. The good news is that he does not have to comb, brush, or apply any sort of products to maintain these styles. It stays in place on its own.

Picture of Boateng short mohawk hairstyle.
Kevin-Prince Boateng short mohawk hairstyle.

The style is actually more conservative than some chosen by professional soccer players. It would be very simple for him to remove the stripe of hair and go with a completely bald look. He keeps the stripe short so that it does not fan out or form spikes in any way.

He has to spend a great deal of time on maintenance, shaving and trimming, to maintain this style. He does not need any products or a comb to get his hair into place. Fortunately, sports star Boateng has the sort of head shape that looks good bald or nearly bald.

He has strong facial features and ears that hug the sides of his head. Some men can not wear such a style because they would look silly. Kevin is not one of these people. He actually looks good with the Kevin-Prince Boateng short mohawk hair style.

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