Karim Benzema Buzz Cut Hairstyles

Photo of soccer player, Karim Benzema short buzz cut hairstyle.
Karim Benzema short buzz cut hairstyle.

Karim Benzema is a French soccer player who currently holds the position of striker on the Real Madrid team. He is also a member of the French National team. Our purpose here is to take a look at the Karim Benzema buzz cut hairstyle.

Picture of Real Madrid striker, Karim Benzema buzz cut.
Karim Benzema buzz cut.

He wears his hair closely cropped. In fact, it appears that no guard is used when cutting his hair. This is especially true on the sides and back, though the shortest guard possible may be used on top. In many ways, this cut resembles the high and tight preferred by marines.

Image of Karim Benzema high and tight military hairstyle.
Karim Benzema high and tight hairstyle.

This style has some major advantages. First, it is a low maintenance style with the only real care needed being frequent trims. There is no need to use a comb or any type of products to style the hair as it is too short to be arranged in any particular style.

The Karim Benzema buzz cut hairstyle is also very convenient in his chosen profession. The hair is in no danger of getting into his face and blocking his vision. This is a handy trait during a soccer game because his unobstructed view helps him make plays that might otherwise be missed. Convenience of styling and clear vision make this an ideal style.

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