Kanye West Short Hairstyles: Buzz Cut and Tribal Hairstyles

Picture of Kanye West short hairstyle.
Kanye West short hairstyle.

Regardless of what your celebrity status is, choosing hairstyles that consider your lifestyle, face shape and dress preferences will define your look. Kanye West hairstyles are a good example of a style that is stylish, yet doesn’t rely on complexity to make a statement. The style is fairly close cropped. It is a style that requires a well-shaped head, which West certainly exhibits.

The hair is the same length over the entire head, with exception of the intricate patterns in the back and sides. There is no attempt to disguise the high forehead. The rounded hairline above his forehead adds strength and definition to the sharp edges and where the hairline meets the face.

Photo of Kanye West buzz cut hairstyle.
Kanye West buzz cut hairstyle

Earlier images of the actor show a more rectangular shape to his hair, perhaps to balance the sensor device used in his role in Star Trek. The hair length is slightly longer during this period of his career, with a less defined hairline. His hair is curly even in the very shortest buzz styles.

Image of Kanye West hairstyle.
Kanye West hairstyle

When West’s hair is allowed to grow longer, it still retains the angularity at the temple area. His styles show a natural progression of slightly receding hairline in the typical male pattern.

The intricate patterns tend to draw the eyes away from his face and hair line toward the fuller areas of the back of the head. The patterns vary in complexity and intensity. Some appear almost mystical in nature. Others are geometric shapes. The patterns rely on the different lengths of hair.

Image of Kanye West tribal hairstyle.
Kanye West tribal hairstyle

Picture of Kanye West tribal hairstyle.
Kanye West hair with tribal pattern

Getting Kanye West hairstyles requires some planning about what shapes balance the head shape and the facial shape. The tribal or geometric patterns also require that the wearer plan ahead.

Only so much intricacy can be maintained without running out of space before running out of pattern. Relying on the best match for hair shapes and patterns to the body shapes is very successfully accomplished in West’s styles.

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