Joey Essex Hairstyle – How to Get It

Perhaps you are tired of what you see in the mirror. It may be time for a change and a Joey Essex hairstyle may be the answer. This style provides a more contemporary take on the pompadour. Here are some tips and ideas for achieving this kind of look.

Photo of Joey Essex hairstyle.
Joey Essex hairstyle.

It is best to use a shampoo and conditioner that is made for heat treated hair. These kinds of hair products will help to restore body and shine that drying and curling irons can remove. Choose products with ingredients such as almond oil or aloe for best results.

You will need a good mousse product. Choose one that delivers extra lift or body. You also will need a non-scented hair spray for men. This helps to hold everything in place.

Image of Joey Essex haircut.
Joey Essex haircut.

For best results, the hair should be cut in manner best suited for your new look. This means it needs to be long on top and also layered. The front of the hair should be longest with a gradual taper towards the back. The sides of the hair needs to be trimmed rather short and allowed to taper to the top.

If you are not good at cutting hair, or do not have a talented friend to help, you should consider seeing a barber or hairstylist. It will not be too expensive. Bring a picture of the style and look that you are going for. Your hair professional should have no problem delivering what you want.

Hair should be blow dried in the direction that you want it to lie. Use mousse while drying. For more body, backcomb or tease the top. Use hairspray to set your look. This may take a little experimenting, but with practice, you can have a Joey Essex hairstyle in your bathroom mirror each morning.

See how Joey Essex use a hair dryer to blow dry his hair:

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