How To Use Foils When Colouring Hair

Colouring one’s hair has become one of the most sought-after services in salons. It can basically transform how you look in a matter of just an hour or two. One of the common materials used in doing so is the foil. Today, you will know how to use foils when colouring hair.


First, the Preparations

Before you begin the actual colouring of your hair, you need to make some preparations. This means that you should get all the materials you require, such as foils, dyes, and other hair colour formula.

It is very important that you are picky with the products that you are going to choose. Some dyes do not hold longer, so the colour gets washed away after a few days. There are also others that are harsh on the hair and scalp.

You also have to rid your hair with any chemicals and minerals, like the ones you get from chlorinated water. They may cause adverse chemical reactions to your hair products or prevent the dye from working properly.


Using the Foil

The foil is actually used to properly divide hair strands. When you want to dye, you can do it all over your hair, or you can just select portions–such as hair streaks. Moreover, the foil can be utilized to make sure that the dye is properly infused into the hair.

You can cut the foils according to the number of clusters of hairs you want to dye. For example, if you want to colour five portions of your hair, you may have to prepare five foils. You can have a rolling vanity stand with you when you are dying, so it is easy for you to reach for the foils, scissors, and combs.

Divide the hair accordingly. You may also want to clip the remaining hair that does not have to be dyed. This way, they do not catch the colour you are going to use later. Make sure that you can use a good comb when doing so.

You can then get a portion of the hair you want to colour. Apply the hue you like. If you like the colour to really stand out, you can apply moderate to heavy strokes to your hair. Lighter strokes would also result to lighter colour.

When you’re satisfied, you can get a foil from the batch and gently wrap it around the recently coloured hair. Ensure that it perfectly covers the part.

You can then repeat the entire process to other hair strands or clusters.

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