How to Give A Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is a popular haircut and easy for men to live with. This article will show you how to give a buzz cut. Don’t worry, its one of the easiest haircuts you can give.

The first thing you need to do it, choose the length that you want for the final result. I will show you how to give a buzz cut using the numbers on the guard top on the buzzer. The best cut is when you use a 3 guard for the top, a 2 guard on the sides and a 1 guard around the edges.

Start with clean, dry hair that is free from product. Buzz the top first with the #3 guard by laying the clipper flat against the forehead and working towards the back. Move slowly down the middle of the head to the crown of the head. Make a few swipes until the entire top of the head is buzzed.

At the crown, hair may be growing in a few different directions, so you may have to move the buzzer in the same directions to get it even.

Next, buzz the sides with the #2 guard. Start at the sideburns and lay the clipper flat against the side of the head. Move up the head to just past the buzzed top that you just did. Make as many swipes from the bottom up to the top until you get the sides done.

Blend where the sides and top meet by rocking the clipper back and forth a few times on that edge. Do the same for the other side. For the back, continue with the #2 guard and do the same procedure as the sides, being careful to blend at the top.

Buzz the edges with the #1 guard by trimming around the ears, starting at the sideburn. Use a rocking action to blend. Bend the ears to go around and to the bottom of the head and back up the other side.

For a clean line across the back and anywhere else, turn the clipper so the teeth face the skin. With bottom of the blade facing up, create a straight line and then place the blade flat against the skin to shave underneath the line and clean it up.

I hope you enjoyed learning how to give a buzz cut. Don’t forget to brush the hair off the neck and face. You will love the feeling when you rub your hand on the fuzzy, soft head.

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  1. This would be more helpful if you gave better instructions on how to blend. Seriously, you gloss over what is the hardest part to do.

  2. I now have the worst haircut I’ve ever had! I just ruined my chances of seeing this girl again after this date tonight. What do I do now?! It’s so ruined. Ugh. I hate this guide. Don’t follow it. It’s horrible! I’m going to just have to get the straight edge out and go completely bald or something because I look like an idiot as is right now.


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