How To Find The Right Men’s Hairstyle – A Step By Step Guide

How to find the right men’s hairstyle takes more than just looking at the ‘do of a popular rapper or action star. It’s important for you to sport the right one. People will compliment you for it, make you feel good about it, and feel confident from thereon.

Once cut, your hair will take some weeks to grow back. During those weeks you want to have something you can be proud of. And definitely not something you will hide under a baseball cap all the time! That’s why it’s important to pick one that flatters you best.

It takes a few steps to find one that you can wear proudly.

  1. First, consider the shape of your face. Faces come in shapes of oval, square, triangular, round, or a combination of two. This is important to note, as your hairstyle provides a frame that accentuates the pros and minimizes the cons of a particular shape.
  2. The next step is to look for hairstyles that will look best with the shape of your face. Now don’t give up thinking that you need to be too technical about this. You really don’t have to meticulously investigate about which hairstyles look best with which shape. It’s as easy as switching on the TV or flipping the pages of a magazine. Find a male celebrity who more or less got the same face shape as yours. Now take a good look at his ‘do. More likely than not, you too can pull of the same hairstyle, as you got the same face shape. These celebrities work with professional hairstylists. So you know that they got their ‘do from someone who’s good at what he or she does.
  3. Finding a good hairstylist is the third step. For this, you really don’t have to visit one salon after another to find one that can give you the hairstyle of your dreams. You can simply ask your friends or colleagues where they usually get their hair cut. There are hairstylists that specialize only in women. It’s safe to go for one who specializes in men, or both genders.
  4. However, never just sit down there and command the hairstylist to copy a celebrity’s haircut that you really like. Remember that he or she is a professional. For some other reasons aside from the shape of the face, the hairstyle might not really work on you. A hairstylist will also consider the texture and volume of your hair. That’s why it’s important to have an open discussion. Never disregard the hairstylist’s suggestions. For sure a satisfied client is more important to him or her than just snipping strands of hair away.
  5. You should also discuss with your hairstylist your lifestyle. You need not talk about every single detail. Just make sure you tell him what you do for a living, what you do during your spare time, and the likes. Also, discuss which hair caring procedures you subscribe to, and how much time you can devote to maintaining your hair. Of course you want to get a hairstyle that suits the workplace and your leisure pursuit.

It’s really easy how to find the right men’s hairstyle once you get to know the steps. In the end, all the stares and compliments you get from your hairstyle will be worth all the effort.

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  1. I really love reading your blog and am happy to find a cool website that does men's hairstyles. Was wondering if you had any suggestions as to what kind of "star/s" I should emulate with my facial structure. A pic of me can be found at Any help at all would be much appreciated. Any way to donate to your site??? 🙂


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