8 Surefire Ways to Get Gum Out Of Your Hair

Although bubble gum is fun to chew on, it may at times work its way into the hair. When this occurs, a simple soap and water rinse will not work.

If you want to find out how to get chewing gum out of hair without having to cut it, there are many effective ways of doing this. Read the guide below and try the most convenient method for yourself. 


How to Get Gum Out of Hair

how do you get gum out of hair

Here are the ways to get chewing gum out of your hair effectively without damaging your hair. Remember to wash your hair after trying one or all of these treatments.

  • Cooking oils tend to grease the hair by creating a barrier between the sticky object and your strands. Apply a tablespoon of the oil directly on the chewing gum, as well as the surrounding area around the hair. After a few minutes, comb the area and before long, you will see results. Olive oil or almond oil is known to be the most effective to try.
  • The peanut butter mixture is a classic solution, and the oilier it is, the better it will work. Put some on your toothbrush and brush the sticky area using downward strokes. Once the gum-afflicted area is dissolved, use a towel to pull it out. Wash with shampoo when finished.
  • If you think the peanut butter method is too messy, you may wish to try ice. Hold the ice cube to the gum until it freezes into a solid shape. You can even wrap the ice with a plastic bag. The freezing process takes up to 20 minutes, so you will have to be patient. After 20 minutes, you can easily pull out the entire sticky residue from your hair. If the freezing method does not work, apply a small amount of canola oil to soften the gum and then try the ice wrap again.
  • Most health food stores sell Eucalyptus oil. Soak a cotton pad in this oil and wipe it through the affected area. This method is also effective for removing bubble gum from carpets and clothes. Alternatively, you can purchase glue remover from your local DIY shop and rub it with your finger on the area and clean it off with a paper towel.
  • Egg whites can also be effective. It needs to be placed on the affected spot and massaged into the strands. Wait for about 10 minutes before shampooing. If you are not keen on using egg whites, try melting some chocolates instead.
  • Conditioners can work brilliantly as the hairs start sliding away from the gum, a little at a time. You should run your strands under water and apply more conditioner to make it work slowly. The next method may sound crazy, but it has proven to work for a lot of people.
  • The WD-40 method: Spray a small amount on your fingers and apply it by rubbing it into your hair. You can wipe it away by using a paper towel, but take care when you use WD-40, as it must not be applied directly to the affected area as it could get into your eyes or mouth. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly after you have finished.
  • There are numerous other household items that will remove bubble gums from your strands, without resorting to a haircut. Mayonnaise, Vaseline, toothpaste or even cooking oil can be used. All you have to do is saturate the area with one of these items and wait for a few minutes before rinsing it off.


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So the next time your friends or family want to know how to get gum out of hair without cutting it, you can advise them to try any of the above household items.

There is no need to reach out for scissors to cut the gun-afflicted area when there are so many effective methods available. In case you did not succeed with the first attempt, consider repeating the same method two or more times for the best results.