How to Find the Right Men’s Hairdresser

“Once you choose a wrong hairdresser, you will regret for a month”. Once you have a wrong haircut, you will wait for a month (or more, depend on your hair) to get a new hairdresser & change your hairstyle. During that time, you will realize the picture of you with the such hairstyle that you don’t like.

This is a nightmare. And off course you won’t repeat this bad experience again, right? So, how to avoid this in the next following days? The answer is get the right salon/hairdresser. To get the right hairdresser, you need several tips :

  1. Get Recommendation

    “Try it first before you buy”. But don`t try it by yourself first, get someone who has got a haircut there. It can be done by finding a colleague, family, or friend who has been there before. Look at his hair & ask him about the salon. Someone else also can be asked. If you see someone on the street with a hairstyle you like, ask him where he got it & who was the hairstylist.

  2. Choose a Nice Look Salon

    A salon that is serious in their business will spend more money to make their place comfortable & nice. If you do not satisfy while waiting or getting a haircut, you can give suggestions or critics, or you can find others.

  3. Choose a Salon that Provide Training Program for Their Hairstylists

    A Salon which is serious to serve their customers will provide a training program, even learning curve. By learning curve, the service will be getting better and better. It will guarantee that they will always learn new styles, new customers, new methods and then compare them with the result.

  4. Choose a Salon with Clean Tools & Environment

    In a salon, a tool will be used for cutting & styling many people. If the salon doesn’t care about cleanlines, there is a big chance for any bacteria to infect & cause some diseases.

  5. Choose a Salon that Has a Lot of Experience in Men Haircutting.

    There are many salons that focus on women hairstyling which also accept men customers. Of course you can get a haircut at those salons. What you should avoid is the salons that have less experience in men hairstyling.

  6. What You Should Prepare?

    When you are going get a new look, you should take a few samples of hairstyles you do like & you do not like. If you just tell the stylist about the hairstyle that you want to have, the stylist will mean something else in his mind. By showing the pictures, you will avoid the misunderstanding betwen both of you.

Well, now you have known the criteria of a good salon, so I guess you are ready to go there and have a nice haircut!

2 thoughts on “How to Find the Right Men’s Hairdresser”

  1. Yeah. Most of the information here is obvious. Maybe it should go a little deeper. What type of places would I go to if I wanted a formal hair style? Emo hair? Dreads? (Just some examples)

    I wouldnt walk into a woman salon and ask for cornrows. I also wouldnt walk into an African American barber shop and ask for emo hair.

    Those are some things to think about to make this article better.


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