Hair Slithering Technique

Cutting hair with a relatively blunt technique makes it appear both dull and unnatural. Nonetheless, to avert this disaster, there is a host of texturizing techniques hairdressers relies on to add an interesting twist to a hairstyle. With every texturizing technique, however, a particular tool is mandated and in most cases, it is normally a pair of scissors.

Use of scissors allows shaping of hair in a precise manner giving an outcome that pretty much resembles anything from a silky feathered style to a heavily layered and jerky style. One such technique is hair slithering.


It is a technique of thinning hair normally undertaken using a pair of scissors held in a slightly opened manner which is consequently glided along the hair length and beyond the scalp. Typically, it is a style used for removing bulk off longer hair modes and or to give longer hairstyles a slightly lighter texture. This style is best applicable on thicker hair.

In the process of slithering, the only considerable pressure is required and the best way to guarantee this is through lightly gripping the scissor handles to achieve your desired outcome. The blade is partially open from start until end.

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