Hair Color Tips: What Are Lowlights?

While many men enjoy this way of maintain a youthful and vibrant appearance, there are some that will wonder just what are lowlights? For a busy man that does not want to spend a lot of time with their hair, lowlights is the perfect solution when your hair looks lifeless or begins to show too much grey to be comfortable with.

Lowlights are a very subtle color that is placed on individual strands of hair. Some colorists use a paintbrush when they are applying lowlights, while others use a foil technique to keep the hair separated. The process can easily be included in your regular hair cut regimen and done in about 30 minutes during your visit to the salon.

When you want to brighten up grey hair and get more vibrant looking hair, getting lowlights that are the color of your natural hair color will give you the impact you want without begin noticeably dramatic. Some men who have thick dark hair find that lowlights gives them the added texture that makes their hair look more managed and healthier.

The goal of lowlights is to make your current haircolor the “highlight”. Therefore, the lowlight will normally be a darker color, closer to your natural color, than the current color of your hair.

In some cases, a person will choose lowlights for dramatic effect and have several different colors in the style. This will make thin hair look much thicker and more dense. An excellent colorist can give you lowlights that will blend with your hair and look natural.

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