7 Most Important Things To Do Before Getting A New Haircut

With the change of season do you have the desire to change look? Would you prefer a clean and radical cut or simply a new long hairstyle? The choice is not as easy as it seems at first sight, because we often ignore a basic rule: the haircut must be chosen according to your preference but also taking into account these seven considerations:


1. Choose A Hairstyle According to Profession, Career, or Personality

Every profession has some aesthetic requirements, whether for own comfort or for image. For example, a surgeon who has to spend all day in the operating room may prefer to get a haircut that is more comfortable while a punk rock musician may have to get a haircut that is more extreme.

A politician would prefer a side-parted conservative look while an introvert guy may choose a side swept bangs hairstyle with a few strands of hair covering one eye.

It is recommended to wear your professional clothes before covering them with the salon’s cape to have a better idea [for you and your hairstylist] of how does your hairstyle match your dress code or daily appearance.


2. Choose the Right Cut for Your Face, Hair Texture, and Facial Features

If you are dazzled by the latest hairstyle worn by a celebrity, before proceeding to replicate it on you, analyze your face and especially discuss it with your hairstylist because even a cut perfectly executed can be a disaster if not combined with the right face.

The hairstyle should follow the ABCs of image consulting, which must accentuate the merits, balance the proportions, and disguise small defects. If you have a bit of a receding hairline, you can hide it using short bangs. If you have beautiful eyes, you can sweep your eyebrow-length bangs to one eye.

There are some different types of face shapes you should know in order to choose the right hairstyle. Here are a few types of common of them and their suitable haircuts:
– Forget the straight fringe.
– Do not use the short and square haircut.
– Use front layers of your hair to give some roundness to your face.
– Use bangs to shorten the face.
– Do not use long hair to prevent further lengthening your face.
– Avoid hair that is very short and fluffy.
– Do not use fringe.
– Spike of puff your hair up to lengthen your face.
– Do not take part in the middle, takes side stripe.
Read on my previous face shapes article for complete tips on choosing the right hairstyle for your face.


3. Use Hairstyle Makeover

It is recommended to take online hairstyle makeover. There are a number of sites that allow you to upload a picture of yourself and try different styles on your face cut. This can give you a fair idea of how would you appear with that haircut.

This practice proves to be very beneficial because not only does it tells you the most appropriate hairstyle for you but also rules out a number of others which would have proved to be a disaster had you accidentally gone for it.

The Hairstyler is one such useful website that provides you these services. Apart from giving you the freedom to sample various celebrity haircuts, it also allows you to test different hair color and facial hair.


4. Hair Styling Maintenance and Requirements

Now that you have chosen the kind of hairstyle that you want to go for, it is important to analyze if you will be able to maintain it. Of your daily routine dictates a hectic day of travel, probably you would not be able to maintain a delicate hairstyle. A puff or a delicate parting will get lost somewhere under your helmet or in the wind.

Take a look at your hair styling products. You may need to buy some products to achieve your new look.


5. Find out More About Your Barbershop/Salon

If you intend to get a short traditional haircut, most barbershops can handle it. But, if you want to get a style that need styling techniques or some styling products, then you need to go to a salon.

Not all hairstylists are the same. Each stylist has his own style and skill. It is very important that before you put your precious hair in someone’s hands try him to ensure that he knows his job.

If he doesn’t know how to do your chosen hairstyle, ask him to recommend a better salon. Also learn about the stylist’s reputation from people who have been to him before. Take a feedback from your friends and relatives about the salon you plan to visit.


6. Talk to the Hairstylist

Show some haircut photos that you desire and communicate with your stylist. Do not be afraid to say what you want to do with your hair. Ask for their advice, but remember that you do not have to take it always. It is also all right to say no to a hairstyle offered by him if you strongly feel that it is not your type.

Do keep in mind that your hairstylist, by virtue of being in the business for long, has much more knowledge about the type of hair and the kinds of cuts that are feasible and suitable on them. Always talk to your stylists before imposing a haircut of your choice on him.

Tell him everything he needs to know about your hair, hair problem, etc. Ask him about the quality of your hair and if the haircut of your choice will suit you. It might happen that a haircut appeals you when you have tried it on you on a virtual makeover, but when executed in reality, it turns out to be total flop.


7. Take a Friend Along

Taking a friend along with you to the salon can work in ways more than one. First, if he knows the one who is going to give you a haircut, it will be easy to communicate the kind of style you desire. Second, if he is the person whose hairstyle you like and want to imitate, it will make the stylist’s job easier because he has a ready reference in front of him.

The third way that your friend can be useful is that he can provide you with an unbiased opinion about how the haircut is going. If there is any mid course correction that is required, he can intimate the stylist provided he exactly knows what king of a cut were you here for.

These tricks if followed well can result in you getting a good hair makeover of your choice. While some of them are optional, it is very important to give due attention to the fact that hairstyles shall be dictated by your face cut, daily routine, and your profession.

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