Frankie Cocozza Messy Hair

There is something about Frankie Cocozza messy hair that seems to attract the attention of females. The UK singer has a hairstyle that is similar to the bedhead look, with its unkempt appearance.

Picture of Frankie Cocozza messy hairstyle.
Frankie Cocozza messy hairstyle.

However, there is more than simply getting out of bed to achieve this look.

First, give yourself a mud treatment. This is a special product or mask that adds volume, conditioning, or moisturizing to your hairstyle. Try to use a mud product that adds volume. Follow the instructions carefully and make sure to wash off the mud in a short amount of time.

For a more effective treatment, put plastic wrap over everything while the mud soaks in. This gives you a healthier and more lively looking hairstyle. To keep your hairstyle in place, try using a clay product. This is very similar to wax and both work well. However, clay will not give you a greasy or wet appearance.

Shampoo with a quality dry shampoo, and it is perfectly fine to use hairspray. You may not have natural curls like the Frankie Cocozza look you are going for. In this case, you may need to use some curlers to get a slightly curly look. It is perfectly fine for a man to use curlers, but it is best not to tell anyone about it. After all, what your friends do not know will not hurt them.

Photo of Frankie Cocozza messy bed-head hair.
The side view of Frankie Cocozza messy bed-head hair.

If you are serious about a Frankie Cocozza messy hair appearance, it is best not use a comb or brush. Instead, try running your fingers through your hair to put everything in place. You want to try for a bed head kind of look, but with long hairstyles, it needs to be held in place. The idea is to make your hairstyle look like no hairstyle at all, and your new look may attract a lot of attention from the right people.

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