Frank Zappa Mustache

The Frank Zappa mustache is arguably one of the greatest styles of facial hair ever to be invented. There are numerous ways to wear mustaches. Some men like thin ones that make a fine line across the top of their lip, others prefer goatees.

Being able to actually grow a beard, is not something that all men can do, but if your face is able to produce the stubble, recreating Zappa’s look shouldn’t be a problem.

Photo of Frank Zappa mustache.

Some men like to have their faces clean-shaven at all times. Having no facial hair can sometimes make men look younger and more professional, but just like the hair on a man’s head, the hair on the face can be cut and styled in a variety of different ways. For a man, it can be easy to drastically change one’s appearance simply by experimenting with different mustaches and beards.

A lot of women use their clothes and their hairstyles to tell the world a little about themselves. Men, on the other hand, can add facial hair to their list of ways to make an impression. Growing beards and mustaches can also be a great way to add some extra warmth during the cold months.

Image of Frank Zappa mustache.
Frank Zappa mustache and soul patch

If you are able to grow a large amount of hair on your face, you can easily create a Frank Zappa stache. A bushy upper lip and a patch of hair on the chin (aka soul patch) is all it takes to create this look. Simply grow out as much as hair as you can, and when it’s full you can shape it however you desire.

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