Flo Rida Hairstyle And Beard Style

If you like the Flo Rida hair and beard style you are not alone. Many people enjoy this clean and interesting look. Perhaps you would like something similar and here are some tips you may wish to consider.

Photo of Flo Rida.
Flo Rida

Tramar Dillard, also known as Flo Rida, has more than one hairdo in the past. Lately he has been seen with a shaven head. This look is very easy to achieve. However, not everyone looks good without any hair. It is best to place your hand or perhaps a nylon stocking over your head while looking in the mirror. This will give you a good idea if it is a good look for you.

Photo of Flo Rida hairstyle.
Flo Rida hairstyle.

If you would like one of Tramar’s past buzz hairdos, you will need to have curly to coarse African American hair. Most Caucasians do not have the texture for a close cut that looks like him. Here, the hair was cut short all over to a uniform length.

Photo of Flo Rida facial hair.
Flo Rida facial hair.

Perhaps the most sought after look involves Mr. Dillard’s facial hair. This requires a man with dense beard. If it is sparse you will not get the right look. The first step involves letting all the whiskers on your face grow out for several days. Some men may wish to wait as long as a week. This will depend on the thickness of your whisker growth.

You will need to shave downward on the upper lip. Shave the entire upper lip except for the bottom part right next to the top lip. You want to leave only a thin line, but make sure it is thick enough to stand out and be visible.

Shave downwards on the cheeks and follow above the jaw line. You want to have it start thin at the sideburns and gradually thicken to meet the mustache. Next, shave the bottom lip but only down to the bottom of the chin. You also need to shave your neck and make sure to follow the jawline, as you shave.

It is not hard to have a Flo Rida hairstyle and facial hair style. However, you will need to have thick hair and whiskers to pull it off. If this is the first time shaving your head, you should seek assistance and maybe see a professional. If you make any mistakes shaving your face, you only have to wait a few days and all will be right again.

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