Daren Kagasoff Casual Pompadour Hairstyle

Daren Kagasoff is an American actor known for starring as Ricky Underwood on drama series: The Secret Life of the American Teenager. He has a subtle hair hue that is achieved with lift and height as the main setting module.

It involves cutting the sides and the back of the head to attain shorter profiles than the top. Wax or other molding pastes will be necessitated for the process; this will aid in keeping the strands shiny along with sustaining them for long periods.


That seems impressive, but what hair type, texture or length will work well for the style? Well, looking deeper into this hair font, it is deemed to be more of a casual flair that blends perfectly with short and straight tresses.

Is that it? Basically not; more appealing upshots will be realized with round, heart, oval and heart face shaped men. Also, medium or thick hair density and fine or medium hair texture will be apt for the task.

Few minutes is ample time to have the hairstyle done. Here are simple yet effective steps one can rely on:

1. Start with a clean damp hair
Wash your hair, then quickly towel dry it. Blow dry and comb your hair with a round brush to get the elevation for the style.


2. Wax the hair
Take sufficient amount of wax in your hands and gently apply it on your hair strands. Make sure every part of the hair is adequately supplied with enough wax by pulling the ends downwards. Repeat the process until when a sculptured look is achieved. Pinch some hair portions to come up with messier touches.


3. Style the side downwards, but spike the top & front up
Style the sides downwards with the use of your palms. Of course wax shouldn’t be left out of this. Start with a small wax amount extending it to the mid-lengths down to the ends. After every strand sleekly smoothens, add more wax.


With some amount of wax on your fingertips, add some of the product into the hair while pulling it upwards. This should be consistently done in a repeated manner until when every chunk straightens up. The front of your hair will require the most pomade, because you will need the added strength to hold up your pomp. Most importantly, remember to finish it with hir spray.


It is easy to set up Daren Kagasoff hairstyle, it is just about doing it right, and all will be done. Give it a shot and see the fallout by yourself.

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