Johnny Burnette Hairstyle


Johnny Burnette rocked the pompadour hairstyle like a king. Although it was associated more with Elvis Presley, the hairstyle became predominant in the 1950s. It was worn by male celebrities and ordinary men alike. The hairstyle has changed over the years due to various modifications.

A classic pompadour hairstyle as worn by Johnny Burnette was represented by short sides slicked back with hair on top front being swept forward and backwards. For a modern look, the side and back hair can be trimmed short according to your preference.


In order to get this trendy look, get to know the shape of your face first. It is good for oval face shape. It is also highly recommended for people with round faces as it tends to draw attention away from the width of the face, but off course it can also work for other face types.

You can achieve the style easily if you have the right straight or wavy hair length. After you wash your hair, dry it until damp. Rub a small amount of hair pomade, squeeze in your hands, then apply it to the hair. re-apply it as you need.

f202Comb the sides back. Comb the front up and pull it back to create the puff. Work more pomade if you need.

In order to have this hairstyle work for you, regular maintenance is required. The sides and back should be trim regularly. It is a flexible, ageless hairstyle that can either portray a casual or formal look.

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