Colton Haynes Taper Cut Hairstyle

Photo of Colton Haynes hairstyle.

The short design of the Colton Haynes taper cut hairstyle is a easy one to achieve and maintain. It largely depends on a skilled stylist. The cut is the key to looking good and ensuring the various ways in which the hair can be arranged. Overall, the design is fairly short, especially on the back and sides.

Photo of Colton Haynes tapered haircut.

Tapering is the look on the sides of his head. The back is also tapered. The top of the actor’s hair is longer and texturized. This feature means that a variety of styles could be created from the same basic cut. His look as Jason Whittemore in “Teen Wolf” goes easily from the MTV series to gala events, or fun and games around the town.

Although the classic taper look is considered by the professionals to be a very well-executed cut, it is the versatility that makes it a great choice for a range of ages and lifestyles. It can be parted and combed to one side. It can also be combed up and slightly to one side. A wearer may elect to spike the hair on top, which is left about two inches in length.

At one time, the actor decided to dye the hair on top blonde. It was then spiked for a more casual look. Because the style can be arranged in many directions, it is a design that is very suitable to either young men or more mature men. Due to the fact that there are various ways in which the strands can be arranged, almost any face shape can look great wearing this hair design.

To best enjoy the Colton Haynes hairdo, there are several key elements required. The quality of the cut itself is vitally important. The wearer will need to use a small amount of a top quality styling product on damp hair. Allow time to style the hair as desired, depending upon the look that you want to achieve.

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