Cloud Strife Hairstyle

Cloud Strife is a major character in the Final Fantasy series, popular with gamers the world over. The original game is a Japanese-based anime product. Cloud Strife is the main character in the Final Fantasy 7 game.

There is a CGI movie set as a sequel to the game. He is not a main character earlier in the series of games, but has become iconic. As a fun change to a boring hair arrangement, You might want to learn how to create a Cloud Strife hairstyle.

Photo of Cloud Strife hairstyle.
Cloud Strife hairstyle.

To create a style such as this requires patience and plenty of heavy hold spray or gels. Hair that is straight and fairly coarse will work better with this arrangement than baby fine strand, or curly tresses. Even though a significant amount of styling product will be required, it is better to start with clean and dry hair.

You will need medium to long length hair. The strands should be about four to five inches long. They can be even longer in front of the ears on the side. The overall look of the design is a very spiky arrangement. When creating the final look, it is important to twist the tips of the strands into a point, while leaving the parts closer to the scalp full.

The tips are arranged in front and just behind the ears. The long spikes are brought forward in front of the face. Once the front and the sides of each block of strands is stiffened and twisted into place, the wearer should part of the top hair and begin the process of stiffening each section.

Twist the tips and spray a setting gel on each approximately 2 inch section, pulling it up and away from the scalp. You should work from the part upward, with the spikes becoming more upright as you move higher on the head.

Photo of Cloud Strife spiky hairstyle.
Cloud Strife spiky hair.

The design is different than a Mohawk, because the spikes radiate out in all directions from the scalp. The hair on the sides of the head is not shaved or short. Instead, it the longer length that makes design distinctive.

Picture of Cloud Strife hair.
Cloud Strife hair.

A Cloud Strife hairstyle is one that would be suitable for a more flamboyant man, or even a woman. It is certainly a style that would lead the wearer to be noticed. If making a fashion statement is important to you, take the ten minutes or so to do this design for an event before committing to it as an everyday occurrence.

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    • It can work, but I recommend getting a hair straightener. If your hair isn’t too wavy, you might get away without needing it, but it will be easier to spike. Blow-drying your hair directly after you hairspray it will also help the spikes maintain their shape longer.

  1. Hi guys,

    I have this hair style now. Would anyone like a picture of my hair? Using 3 hair products to produce a long 8-10 hour hold on multiple strands of long-spikey style Cloud-look hair style.


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