How To Clean A Ceramic Flat Iron

Men can be, and usually are, every bit as vain about their hair and appearance as women. This leads many men who have naturally curly hair to use a ceramic flat iron to straighten their hair when they choose a style that calls for straighter hair than they have.

However, the styling products used on the hair that protect it from being damaged by the heat can build up on the iron’s surfaces and cause more problems the next time it is used of not cleaned properly. This is why it is important that any man who uses this appliance needs to know how to clean a ceramic flat iron.

  • The first thing one should do is unplug the appliance and place it on a hot pad. One should not set it on the counter as this can cause burn marks to appear and mar the appearance of countertops. The iron should be allowed to cool down until it is just lukewarm. Do not allow it to become completely cold.
  • Using a damp paper towel, wipe the surface down. The warm ceramic will blend with the water to remove any styling products that might have been freshly deposited. If the appliance is cleaned properly each time it is used, this should be sufficient to avoid snagging or pulling that can occur if product is allowed to buildup on the surfaces.
  • If one has allowed the device to cool down too much, a damp paper towel will likely not be sufficient. However, there are professional cleaners available that are made specifically for cleaning thermal hair appliances. Allowing these cleaners to sit on the surface for a few minutes should loosen up any buildup and make it possible to wipe away with a paper towel or soft cloth.
  • If one does not wish to go to the expense of buying one of these chemicals, there are other substances that are likely to be found in the home that will work just as well. Ammonia, Acetone nail polish remover, alcohol, or oven cleaner will loosen any hair products and make them easy to wipe away. These can be applied with standard cotton balls.
  • Some surfaces are so small that one can not reach them well with a finger or rag. For these areas, one can use a cotton swab to apply the cleaning chemical and another to remove it. It is important to avoid using any sort of abrasive cleaning agent as this can damage the ceramic surface.
  • After the device has been cleaned thoroughly with a solvent, it is important to wipe the entire thing down with another damp paper towel or a soft cloth. This will remove any cleaning solvents and ensure that they will not be present when the tool is next used to style the hair.

Knowing how to clean a ceramic flat iron will make it easier to style the hair without risking getting any snags or pulling the hair when trying to straighten it. This is because it will remove any styling products that have accumulated on the surfaces.

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  1. If you may use hair straightener in daily so then you have to clean your hair straightener and if you don’t have a knowledge that how to clean it then read this simple instructions.


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