How to Bleach Hair With Hydrogen Peroxide

For decades, men have been trying to lighten their hair without over processing their hair or making it completely obvious that they have chemically altered their look. You can bleach hair with hydrogen peroxide but you must be careful when doing so.

bleach hair with Hydrogen Peroxide

For ages, we sat outside in the sun, pouring lemon juice and all sorts of home remedy types of treatment on our hair, hoping to have that soft and shiny beach blonde look. Most of us ended up with little more than streaks of what looked like hay on top of our head and our eyes burning from the acid in the lemon juice.

Oh how far we have come! It is now more than ever widely accepted for men to look as if they spend just as much time if not more than women do on their appearance. With advances in hair products, you no longer have to worry about color processes damaging your hair. In fact, many witness an improvement in hair condition after they have opted for color.


Bleaching Hair With Hydrogen Peroxide

If you want to bleach hair with hydrogen peroxide at home or at a salon, make sure that you have a good deep conditioner to use once you have completed the process. Hydrogen can dry your hair out very quickly. Figure out just how much you would like to lighten your hair and whether you want all of your hair to be lighter or just certain portions.

If you are looking for only a hint of lightness, apply peroxide with a cotton ball or cotton swab. The darker your hair, the longer it will take to lighten. Usually, 60 to 90 minutes will do the trick. If you are looking for an all over lightening, spray your hair liberally with hydrogen peroxide. It is best to use a spray bottle for even coloring.

Make sure that you have an old shirt on or smock so that your clothing is not bleached by the peroxide. Once you have left the peroxide in for the desired length of time, rinse all peroxide out with cold water. Then apply deep conditioning treatment and rinse.

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