4 Benefits of A Round Hair Brush For Men

There are many brushes available today. While many guys will simply get a basic flat brush, a more specific type of brush might be better for their hair type. One type of brush that has many benefits is a round brush.


Creating Waves/Curls

The round brush benefits are especially obvious for guys who want to have or define curly hair. Most guys tend to have shorter hair, so defining curls can be a problem. The problem can be solved by using a small round brush.

To define the curls, use the brush to move through the hair strands, wrapping them around the brush and providing some definition. It works best while the hair is slightly damp. Avoid the traditional brushing motion and instead work through the hair in sections.

To create waves or curls on straight hair, apply some styling cream to damp hair, section the hair and wrap it around the brush [the hair should be long enough to wrap], then, dry it with blow dryer. To hold the hair in place, a spritz of hairspray will help. Repeat the steps to the other sections.


Increasing Airflow while Decreasing Drying Time

Image of Conair Anti Static Thermal Round Brush.
Conair Anti Static Thermal Round Brush

The round brush can also be used to help decrease drying time. One of the best types of round brushes to use while drying hair is a thermal round brush. This is a round brush that has a vented core made of aluminum.

The metal barrel will fill with hot air from the blow dryer, and the vented holes in the brush create air circulation, ensuring even heat distribution to the hair strands. Use a round brush with a hair dryer to speed up the drying process.


Adding Volume

Another benefit is that it’s much easier to get hair volume with this type of brush. For longer hair, pull the top part of the hair into a clip and start with the bottom strands. Use the round brush to pull the bottom portion of the hair out while blowing warm air over the strands.

Blow drying against the grain of the hair creates volume easily without having taking a long period of time. This technique can be used for men with both shorter and longer hair. For shorter hair styles, start with the base of the hair on the back of the head and the sides. Then work up, creating volume as the hair dries. Hair should be damp, but not dripping for the best results.


Getting A Healthy Hair and Scalp

Image of Spornette De Ville Rounder Boar Bristle Hair Brush.
Spornette De Ville Rounder Boar Bristle Hair Brush

Choosing the right bristles will also be a factor when choosing a brush. Although a standard brush comes with copper or plastic bristles, consider choosing either nylon or boar bristle brushes or a mix of nylon and natural boar bristles. These bristles work much better at styling the hair and helping to retain style.

They also work to massage the scalp stimulating the hair follicles and oil production to ensure a healthy scalp. Men who have receding hairlines or have thin hair or who struggle with dandruff should choose a round brush with these types of bristles for the maximum benefits: get a healthy scalp, add volume to the hair and brush the dandruff out.

The round brush benefits are numerous for men who have slightly curly hair or who want some volume. The round, metal barrel helps to define curls and create some bend or curl without having to use curling irons or hot rollers. It can also be used to decrease drying time and make styling hair a much easier and faster process.

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