Coconut Oil for African American Hair: How to Apply & Benefits

African-American men are blessed with a curly head of hair, and it has been a long-held tradition to apply coconut oil on the hair to keep it healthy and shiny since curly hair tends to be dry and coarse. Coconut oil plays an important role in keeping curly hair strong and shiny and unlike pomade and other mineral oil-based conditioners, coconut oil is light and will not add more grease to a man’s hair.

Nature’s Way Coconut Oil


Benefits of Coconut Oil for African American Men’s Hair

The use of coconut oil for black men is known as one of the best ways to keep the hair strong. Men who want to sport straight hair tend to iron their hair or just tie the hair back when they do not want to style it. These habits make the hair prone to breakage and split ends, which can be noticeable especially for those men who have short hair.

coconut oil benefits

Coconut oil has a number of nutrients that can be absorbed by the hair to add to its vitality and strength so that it can withstand heat from a flat iron and the stress of being tied into a ponytail. Coconut oil is natural and will not clog the pores, so the scalp will not feel warm after you apply coconut oil on it.

It is also easily absorbed by the scalp so your scalp gets to benefit from its nutrients as well. Coconut oil also makes black hair more black. This is probably because the hair becomes shinier when it is healthy, and this accentuates the deep, jet black color natural to African American hair.


It helps you get rid of the perpetual dryness of hair

When we talk about Afro American Hair, the first thing that comes to our mind is its dry texture. Coconut oil helps in hydrating the hair follicles and keeping them healthy and moisturized. A regular coconut oil massage can make your hair look shiny and manageable. If you don’t like putting on oil, you can keep it for a while and wash it off with shampoo.


Coconut oil helps in reducing tangles in hair

The type of hair we are talking about can be subject to tangles at times. In such a case, it gets a bit difficult to comb and maintain your hair. Coconut oil application can help in reducing those tangles. Whenever you oil your hair, you basically lubricate it, so that it can be brushed easily. This helps you to experiment with your hair and different hairstyles as well.


Coconut oil helps in hair growth

It has been observed that coconut oil helps in growth of Afro American Hair. It helps in better blood circulation in the scalps, resulting in growth of the hair strands. You can mix coconut oil with other essential oils to prepare a hair mask. That again helps to increase your hair growth.


It makes your hair roots stronger

Coconut oil is known for its richness of nutrients. These nutrients travel to the roots of the hair scalp and make them healthier. Hence, the roots become stronger than ever.


Coconut oil reduces split end problems

Split ends occur when the endings of your hair get split into two parts. This indicates that your hair strands are getting damaged. The solution is to nurture your hair and make it strong. You can apply normal coconut oil in your hair and hair tips regularly to avoid split ends.


Coconut oil massage protects your Afro-American hair from heat

It is an uncommon thing to hear but it is true that coconut oil protects you from heat waves. It keeps your head and scalp calm and relaxed. The harmful rays of the sun are not good for your hair. Every time you go out in the heat, you can apply coconut oil before that. This ensures that your hair or the dreadlocks are less damaged by the harmful sun rays.


Coconut oil helps in increasing hair volume

You might have a lot of hair but is decreasing day by day. This might be an effect of your unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits. Use coconut oil to increase your hair volume and get bushy hair that looks perfect.


It makes your African-American hair lively again

If your hair looks dull and boring in general, you can use coconut oil from now on to get rid of that dull and boring hair. You can apply it regularly and within a few months, you will understand the miracles it has had on your hair. Coconut oil is one such oil that is easily available and not costly at all. Use it and get healthy hair instantly.


How to Apply Coconut Oil on Hair

Coconut oil can be applied to men’s hair by massaging the oil onto the scalp and applying the rest of the oil from the root to the tips. Massage the oil onto the scalp in a circular motion using the pads of your fingers to draw more circulation into the scalp. This helps the scalp absorb the nutrients from the oil better. Rub the oil from the root to the tip so that each strand is coated with the oil. It is important not to pull at the hair while applying the oil to avoid breakage. Also, remember to just use a few drops so you do not end up with a greasy head of hair afterwards.

coconut oil benefits for African American black hair

Coconut oil is one great way to condition the hair. You can apply more of the oil right after a shower, put the hair in a towel to add heat, and let the hair sit for a few minutes before rinsing. For better results, you can wrap the hair in a shower cap and let the hair soak in the oil for up to 15 minutes. The oil will soak through the hair strands better when the hair is wet, and this will result in a more moisturized, healthier curly hair.

There are so many benefits to coconut oil, from serving as a great and inexpensive styling substitute for the usual hair gel or mousse, or as a great conditioner after every shower. For men who want a more natural way of conditioning and styling curly hair, coconut oil is a great option.

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