Andres Guardado Curly Hairstyle

Photo of Andres Guardado curly hair.

The Andres Guardado curly hairstyle is a distinctive feature of the style pedestal on which he has made an appearance. The Mexican national footballer (soccer) is only in his mid 20s, but is already a noted figure in this sports venue. He currently plays for the Mexican national team and for Valencia CF in Spain as a left winger.

As might be expected, the armchair critics are divided on the look. The curls he wears might be a perm or could be natural are nearly shoulder length. Some say they are somewhat old fashioned. In fact, much of the style could be time traveled from the 70s.

His hair is a somewhat controlled riot of curls moving back from the peak of the forehead. The look is a bit flattened on top, although still quite curly. The control appears lessened by the time the curls reach cheekbone length, where they have the maximum width.

Because there is just a hint of a receding hairline, it accentuates the vaguely heart-shaped appearance of his face. This makes his hair design less attractive than it could be.

Men’s Curly Hairstyles Ideas for 2024-2018

Control is achieved through the use of a strong gel styling product. The product is worked through the towel-dried hair with the finger tips in a downward and outward motion to the strands.

More product is required on top to direct the strands to the back of the head. A smoothing action provides some reduction in height. In addition, the weight of his hair tends to pull out some of the curliness.

Photo of Andres Guardado long curly hairstyle.
Andres Guardado long curly hairstyle. Photo via Mexsport.

Although his look may be deemed old-fashioned by some, the Andres Guardado curly hair is definitely one for a young man, as opposed to a more mature male.

An active lifestyle with frequent need for washing and grooming the hair also takes a toll on the strands. Care must be taken to keep the length healthy and free of split ends in order for the style to work.

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