The 4 Best Hair Loss Solutions

Thinning hair is actually a very huge problem. It affects millions of men all over the world. It brings down self-confidence to a dangerous low, and it can make any guy feel ugly. It can also be very frustrating. The good news, though, is you do have plenty of hair loss solutions to follow today. You can begin with the following:


1. Have yourself treated by a medical provider. Sad to say, most of the hair loss problems are genetic. If your dad or uncle has suffered from baldness at least at some point in their lives, there is a good chance you will too. You can blame it in two things.

The problem may be an autoimmune disease. This means that the antibodies attack the follicles, preventing them from producing hair strands. Another reason will be a hormone called DHT. It is produced through a powerful enzyme. When it gets into the blood, it weakens the follicles. Hence they cannot hold hair strands longer than expected.

You may want to have yourself checked first before you consider what treatments to use. The physician may suggest products such as Propecia to reverse the effects of DHT into your follicles.


2. Eat the right kinds of food. Diet can also have something to do with hair loss. Keep in mind that the hair is made up of keratin, a certain type of protein. Moreover, like other body parts, the hair requires vitamins and minerals to be properly nourished.

If you are suffering from hair loss, boost vitamins especially B complex and protein. Avoid taking too much vitamin A. Cut back on your high-fat diet since it may only worsen the production of hormones that can lead to hair loss.


3. Consider hair transplant. If you have enough money to burn and you want immediate results to your hair loss problem, you can approach a cosmetic center that can perform hair transplant. This non-invasive procedure entails removing hair strands in other parts of the body and “move them” to your balding areas.

There are two main problems with hair transplant: cost and lack of guarantee. However, if you are willing to take the risk, this is going to be worth it.


4. Keep your stress level to a minimum. Stress can also cause hair loss. This may trigger the autoimmune disease called alopecia areata. This may also lead to the imbalance of hormones in the body. Find time to relax and learn how to deal with problems with less emotion and physical exhaustion.

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