Dealing With A Condition Called Alopecia Areata

Have you noticed a few strands of hair left in the bed or draining down your bathroom floor? This could be start of alopecia areata. It may appear natural for the meantime, but when the hair loss becomes more often and a spot or two in your head becomes clearer, you already have a serious condition.

Alopecia areata happens when specific areas in the body lose a considerable amount of hair. As this usually occurs in the scalp as clear round patches, there is a high possibility that it will sooner or later turn into total baldness.

Though the condition cannot be contagious, the chances that this might happen to you will be higher if you already have a family member experiencing alopecia areata. This suggests that the loss of hair is genetically linked.

Studies have also shown that people with autoimmune diseases or have blood relatives with one is highly susceptible. According to studies, it possible that a certain outside factor could trigger the body’s immune system to target hair follicles, preventing the growth of hair. More alarming is the fact such a scenario often leads the entire loss of hair on the scalp, which, in turn, is called alopecia areata totalis.

For years it has been observed that the most common environmental trigger is emotional stress, whether brought about by personal events or conditions in the workplace. This becomes especially true on women where a death of a family member or increased pressure in the office coincides with the initial periods of hair loss.

Owing to this information, it is not as alarming then that some statistics show that the condition actually occurs more with women than with men. However, one can also point out that women’s hair loss is more physically and emotionally devastating; hence, they seek out medical help more often. This will make it appear that there are more reported cases in women rather than in men.

On the other hand, it does not entirely mean that hair loss is taken by men less seriously. Alopecia areata can occur even at the early twenties, which can affect the social life regardless of gender. More cultures simply it find more acceptable for men to experience the condition, making it part of aging. Besides, men can simply shave off their entire hair without fear of being marginalized.

The issue is quite different with women; hence, a clear treatment for them is more necessary. There has been little success in creating medication to stop or counter hair loss, and surgical implants are still prohibitively expensive. The best alternative would be to wear a wig in order to continue with their way of life.


How to Stop Hair Loss at the Root of the Problem

One of the reasons why you are losing your hair is because the blood supply that nourishes the roots has been cut-off. This means the hair has no way of developing and is literally dried out. 

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