How To Make A Quiff For Men

One very popular hairstyle among men is known as the quiff. This style became popular in the 1950s when it was adopted by such idols as Elvis Presley and James Dean. This is a variation on the Pompadour hairstyle. Below are instructions on how to make a quiff for men.

Elvis Presley quiff hairstyle for men.
Elvis Presley hairstyle.

In general, one should grow his hair out a bit on top, especially in front. However, this is not absolutely essential as long as the hair is not cropped short. The fringe is the most important area to grow out. The sides and back can be left relatively short.

Best Quiff Hairstyles for Men

To start styling the hair, one should comb the sides back toward the back of the head. The back hair should be combed straight down. While a true Pompadour calls for the top hair to be combed straight forward and flipped up and back, the quiff hairstyle is slightly different.

The hair should be parted on one side. The top hair should be combed diagonally away from the part toward the back of the head, creating a triangle. The front third should be combed in the opposite direction, toward the part and front.

The longer fringe should be flipped upward and back in the opposite direction, meaning back and away from the part. Some choose to use a hot roller to create a large roll in the front section, though this is not strictly required.

Hairspray can be used to provide the needed hold to maintain this style. However, the best product for this particular style is most likely Murray’s hair pomade. This is because pomade creates a soft, touchable hold that women prefer. However, if one is looking to create a truly retro look, hair cream like that used in the 50s is the product of choice. This product led to the nickname, “greasers” being coined for those wearing this style.

After learning how to make a quiff for men, one can begin growing his hair and having it cut to provide the optimum appearance. However, the styling methods can be used to create this style from any medium to long haircut. The only problem is that one can not produce a quiff if the hair is cropped short.

This hairstyle was first made popular on men in the 1950s. It lost some of its popularity for a few years, but made a comeback in the 1980s. Today knowing how to make a quiff for men allows one to style his hair in one of the classic styles that imparts a retro look.