7 Best Ideas On How To Grow Sideburns

Sideburns have been a part of men’s hairstyles for centuries. They come in different styles and thicknesses. Some even connect below the chin to form a beard. One fact this is undisputed is that women prefer men to have some sideburns more than none at all. There are, however, different ideas on how to grow sideburns:

  1. One suggestion is to simply stop shaving the face completely for a few days. This will allow all the facial hair to grow out some and give a base layer of sideburns that can be shaped and trimmed when one resumes shaving.
  2. It is recommended that one use the razor to shape the sideburns and mark their limits. A beard trimmer is suggested for establishing their length. From this point, the job will simply be to maintain them as one takes care of his normal hygiene and shaving.
  3. Another school of thought is to not stop shaving at all. Instead, one should simply adjust the lowest point at which he cuts off the sideburns, making them a bit longer each day. This will allow one to grow them out gradually and avoid the need to avoid being seen in public looking like a wolf man. It also allows for gentle shaping and guiding that can make it easier to get the exact style one desires.
  4. Regardless of how they are started, one must consider the length and thickness he wants. Men with very thick, long sideburns are said to have mutton chops. This style was popularized by celebrities such as Elvis Presley in the late 1960s and 1970s. Others prefer to keep this hair shorter and thinner.
  5. One thing that should be considered when making this choice is the shape of the face. Those with a fuller, rounder face will need to keep their sideburn hair shorter and thinner. This with a thin face will want to let theirs grow a bit fuller and thicker to create width for their face. Those whose features fall somewhere in the middle can usually wear either style with equal ease.
  6. One thing that men will want to watch when establishing their sideburns, and as they groom them, is keeping them even. This can be difficult as most men tend to cut them shorter on the side of their dominant hand. If there is any question, it might be wiser to allow someone else to establish the level at which they end so that both sides will be even.
  7. A razor should be used to establish the length and thickness of the sideburns as well as to shape them the way one desires. A beard trimmer should be used to maintain the length of the hair that makes them up.

Some men complain that they are unable to grow sufficient facial hair to establish any meaningful sideburns. Others claim that anyone can grow them with the proper care. There are different ideas on how to grow sideburns as far as getting them started. However, once they are established, the methods of grooming and maintaining them are generally agreed upon.


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