What Is A Dry Shampoo?

It is generally believed that one should only wash the hair using shampoo 2 to 3 times a week. However, many people lead lifestyles that require them to take extra steps to keep the hair clean and healthy. One product that helps in this regard is known as dry shampoo. However, many people are left wondering, “What is a dry shampoo?”

Dry shampoos are generally powders that are used to strip oil and dirt out of the hair without needing to wet it with water. Several different substances are used as bases for these products. Corn starch, baking soda, and other products are used to attract the dirt and oil.

After application, one simply brushes the hair to remove the powder and the substances stuck to it. This leaves the hair clean and shiny in a short time without water. Many families choose to keep dry shampoos on hand for emergency use.

There are times when water is unavailable for a variety of reasons, including natural disasters. Hygiene is still an important part of life, despite the lack of water. This is one place where this type of product is nice to have on hand.

While dry shampoo can be quite useful between regular shampooing sessions, it can also leave behind a slight residue. This means that it can not replace wet shampoos entirely.

One will still need to use regular shampoo and water a few times a week. The dry shampoos are just an excellent stop gap to refresh the hair between washings.

There are many different commercially available formulas. Most are still in powder form that is just sprinkled into the hair and massaged through it with the hands. Some are canned in aerosol form so that they can be sprayed in.

Both forms of packaging allow one to apply the substance to the surface of the hair and work it throughout to remove as much oil and dirt as possible. There are also many different recipes that can be found that will allow one to make his own dry shampoo at home.

Salon professionals may also have some ideas on products that can be useful. The base is always a common powder that is found in the home. Most are found in the kitchen. In addition to the base powder, one can add different herbs to produce pleasant scents and make the hair smell better after the application of these products.

Understanding dry shampoo is one key element to providing extra opportunities to clean the hair between regular washings. It can be used virtually anywhere and any time because water is not required.

It can help refresh the hair and bring back a healthy sheen after trips to the gym or other events that normally dull the appearance of the hair. However, it can not completely replace the normal shampoo formulas used with water for primary cleaning.

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  1. I shampoo my hair every day. I didn’t realize that was harmful. Should I cut that back to every other day or maybe less often? Thanks.


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