Wade “Cry-Baby” Walker Greaser Hair

Photo of Wade Walker hairstyle.

Wade Walker is a character played by movie maestro Johnny Depp in the all so popular movie known as ‘Cry Baby’. The greaser or drape as he is referred to in the movie is renowned for his unique ability to shed a single tear and has extraordinary cute hair.

The Wade Walker greasy hair is not hard to make and maintain. To have such hair, you will require utilization of lots of pomade. In the video above, he uses Black and White pomade. At the beginning, you will have to clean your hair with excellent shampoo.

Shampoo is meant to remove all dirt and ensure that your hair has a shinny appearance. After cleaning, dry your hair with a clean towel and properly dry it with a hair dry. This process will ensure your hair is completely dry and not tangled.

Carefully and thoroughly apply pomade, ensuring it gets to the skin beneath. Use a comb to make your hair lies down perfectly in a puffed push back style. The Cry Baby hairstyle has a unique beautiful front feature that makes it stand out from any other hairstyle. Take a few strands of the hair in the front and drop it on the forehead. The hair can drop to the right of left side of your face depending on which side you prefer.

Curl the strands using a local roller or round brush. These will produce amazing curls that will most definitely resemble Wade Walker’s hair curl. It is crucial that the curls are made by using few strands of hair for the best results.

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