Tom Cruise Hairstyle in the Oblivion Movie

In addition to enhancing the right level of depth to the various characters in the movies, Tom Cruise’s different hairstyles have always inspired his fans. Whether it is his shaggy long hair in Last Samurai or neat, spiky look in Oblivion, men have admired his hairstyle.


Here, Tom features cool spiky bangs in his movie, Oblivion. Featuring a short hair cut, this hairstyle has front bangs spiked up. It highlights your strong facial features giving you a flattering, advanced look. This neat and tidy hairstyle can suit any face shape.

It is a combination of casual as well as professional. This classy hairstyle can be paired with a suit and tie as well as jeans. All you have to do is cut the side and back sections of your hair. Take some shaping gel or gel mousse and apply them gently on your bangs in the front. Use a fine comb to make the front bangs stand straight up. You can part your hair on the left or right side.

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